Clan Rathskeller

Clan Rathskeller - Kevin Hearne This was a bonus short story at the end of the audibook for Grimoire of the Lamb.

Again Luke Daniels killed it with the narration! This was just a hilarious shenanigans with Atticus and Oberon involving gnomes--"No not the kind you chew up in people's yards, Oberon," elves, gods, drunk people at an outdoor mall, shape-shifting, nudity, epic drink brewing, and double crosses.

Basically Atticus and Oberon inadvertently get caught up in the middle of a double cross between the gnomes and the fae. There are elves and other supernatural beings involved, as well as a fair few drunken idiots. It's pretty humorous with a bit of excitement and action thrown in.

Kevin Hearne's writing style is so beautifully descriptive that you barely have to put effort into imagining the tale he's weaving. He has an amazing talent and I am looking forward to reading a full novel in this series. I like Atticus a lot and I think Oberon is adorable!