Gravitational Attraction

Gravitational Attraction - Angel Martinez My first review got eaten *sigh*

So this was very good. I fell in love with the characters immediately. The writing was good, very technical. If you like SciFi, space travel and tech-speak, this is the book for you. The romance was almost secondary to the rest of the plot, which involved dirty government officials doing bad things and trying to wipe out an alien race because they wouldn't allow themselves to be used by said government. Without giving too much away this was a good read, just don't be surprised that the romance is only about 30% of what the story is about. It was actually refreshing.

Also, I've seen this listed in mpreg lists, but there is no mpreg to speak of in the book. It is mentioned once when the main characters get together and then never again. Just straightforward m/m erotica.