Sweet Savage Eden

Sweet Savage Eden - Heather Graham Take two since my device went haywire and ate my last review.

This was a rough read and if I hadn't read book two of the series first years ago, I never would have read it after reading this.

I enjoyed book two of this series, but this? This was nothing but the 'hero' verbally, mentally, and physically abusing the 'heroine' throughout the entire book. And she accepted it because she was afraid of being a tavern worker her whole life.

He repeatedly called her a whore and gold digger, he was violently rough with and even raped her. And chapter after chapter I kept reading because I couldn't believe it could get worse, but it did.

In the end our 'hero' chalked it up to them both being stubborn?! This was just bad writng on the author's part, even for the time period. I'm now on the fence about reading book three or even rereading book two.