Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

This book is a fantasy-magic-ya delight.  It's the story of Blue Sargent who lives in Henrietta, Virginia. She is the one non-psychic in a family/house full of psychics; however, she does have her own special talent.  Blue is a magical amplifier.  When she is around magical things/events become stronger. 


For the majority of her 16 years, Blue has been told that kissing her true love will kill him.  So naturally, she's sworn off boys--especially boys from Aglionby Academy, the local private all-boys school.  It's where all of the ridiculously rich families send their sons.  In Blue's experience the students of Aglionby are rich, entitled brats, and it's just smart--logical-- to steer clear of them.


That is until Blue has her first psychic experience.  During a yearly family custom in which they sit in an old church yard and take down the names of the spirits who will die within the next year, Blue sees a spirit.  It is the spirit of a boy and Blue learns that she has seen him because he will either die by her hands...or he's her one true love.



Enter the Raven Boys, Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and Noah.  They are on a search to find the local ley lines in order to help them find and ancient Welsh king, Glendower, also called The Raven King.  The group is drawn together in the quest to find the ley lines, wake them up, and eventually find the Raven King.  But they aren't the only ones on this quest.  It becomes a race to be the first to find the heart of the ley lines and perform the ritual to wake it up.  And throughout, Blue is determined not to fall in love with any of her Raven Boys.


There is magic, lies, betrayal, murder...everything you need in a good book.  I loved the story and the characters.  It was well paced and kept me interested all throughout.