Review: A Ruin Of Shadows

A Ruin Of Shadows - L.D. Lewis

I have no idea how to review this, because I don't want to spoil it.  I'll do my best.  The story was original and once I stop letting myself be distracted by outside forces (e.g. children, husband) I couldn't put it down!


The author has quite a way with words.  They were so descriptive that I could picture everything clearly.  The protagonist, General Édo, was a badass who was basically blessed by a demon.  She was basically the reason the empire was powerful and feared, but the minute she called an order into question they wanted to oust her.  And what's worse, her Shadows, the soliders she brought up and trained herself were so quick to turn their backs on her.  So her options were to let them take her out, or fight back.


Of course she fought back!


I was happy with the pacing of the story and the ending.  Sometimes with short novels the ending seems rushed or unfinished.  Not the case here.  There was a clear ending that fit with the plot, nothing ridiculous or convoluted.   And even though I could definitely go for more, everything was resolved.


Hope to see more from the author soon.