Review: Coraline [Graphic Novel]

Coraline - Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell

Author: Neil Gaiman

Adaptation & Illustration: P. Craig Russell

Pages: 186


Wonderful.  Whimsical with a slight hint of creepy.  


Coraline is a bright, adventurous child who doesn't get enough attention from her parents, but she's perfectly capable of occupying her time exploring.  There is a cast of wacky characters, a key to a door that leads nowhere, and then somewhere.  It becomes a doorway to another version of her world where the characters are twisted copies of the ones from her world.  And the Other Mother, is clearly a creepy monster disguised as her mother to lure her into a false sense of security so she can eat her...probably.  Most definitely.  And EWWWW spiders!  


The artwork was wonderful and while I haven't read the original novel and cannot compare the adaptation to it, I think it's fantastically done.  I've seen the movie so I had something to go on.  And as with anything that features a sassy cat--or any cat--he was my favorite character!  I very much enjoyed reading this.