Review: Rape Jokes

Rape Jokes - Louise McGregor

This was a LibraryThing giveaway.


Thumbs up because the publisher is based in my hometown.



1) The title, which I get, but I got a lot of looks while reading this in public.

2) The entirety of the book is in first person which does make sense for the story being told, but I loathe first person perspective. 

3) Some of the situations were so convoluted they were comical.



1) The story was told from the victim's point of view. 

2) She had a good support system. 

3) She didn't instantly know what to do and how to feel.

4) She didn't have instant closure.


We watched as our protagonist, Edie, figured out what actually happed to her and saw how she navigated everday life as a survivor of rape.


Her life fell apart a little too spectacularly for my tastes, but we did watch her work to put it all back together again, which didn't happen instantly.  She had to learn how to fuction as a friend, a worker, a love interest and just Edie again. 


It wasn't a great read, but it was very good. I would definitely check out more from the author a d publisher in future.