Review: Aliens: Bug Hunt

Aliens: Bug Hunt - Peter Berkrot, Grover Gardner, Hillary Huber, Jonathan Maberry, Eric G. Dove, R.C. Bray, David Farland, Scott Sigler, Emily Sutton-Smith, Larry Correia, Andrew Eiden, Priya Ayyar, James Patrick Cronin, Rachel Caine, Heather Graham, Suzanne Elise Freeman, Nicol Zanzarella

This is an excellent collection of stories based on the Colonial Marines as seen in the movie, Aliens.  In each tale we were are introduced to new characters and different units of the marines.  We're taken to different planets and moons and met with xenomorphs other than the ones we're familiar with.  It's funny and terrifyingly realistic that no matter how dangerous humans know something to be, there is always some corporate "genius" willing to take the risk of killing everyone if it'll make them a profit.  And no matter how many scientist and marines die, or how many ships and facilities are destroyed, the corporations will keep trying to find a way to profit off the xenomorphs.


I loved that we basically witness the "birth" of Bishop, as he was discernibly different from his "brothers", though they were built to be identical.  In one story we learned how he came to be with Apone and his mischievous band of jarheads.  The main reason I bought this audibook was because of the promise of adventures with Hicks, Hudson and crew.  I wish there had been more, but I did enjoy what there was.  


The theory of the mutations of the offspring of the face-huggers varying based on the host was fascinating.  Getting different and sometimes more terrifying versions of xenomorphs was jarring.  But the most interesting was seeing the story from the xenomorphs' point of view.  It just reminded you that they were only doing what they were built to do, they were just trying to survive just like any species.  I ended up feeling bad for them, which I guess was the point.


The stories were all well written and interesting.  "Interesting" is such an inadequate word.  *sigh*  They were...engrossing.  My only wish was that there had been more adventures with Hick and co.  The voice actors did an excellent job bringing the characters and the worlds to life.