Review: 30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night -  'Ben Templesmith', 'Steve Niles'

This was okay. There was a full cast, but they didn't do enough to bring the story to life. I was left wondering and couldn't picture much save for what I remembered from the movie version.


A group of vampires come up with the brilliant idea too use a small town in Alaska as a  smorgasbord for the 30 days they experience zero daylight. Never once stopping to think of the consequences of destroying an entire town.


There are shenanigans and the townspeople vary between fighting back and hiding until an "higher up" vampire comes to town and rips the group a new collective asshole because of their stupidity. More shenanigans and one of the townspeople uses the blood of a vampire to turn himself so that he can take out the group and save his wife.


Great concept. Good movie. Audioplay, meh.