Review: Bloody Acquisitions Fred, the Vampire Accountant, Book 3

Bloody Acquisitions: Fred, the Vampire Accountant, Book 3 - Tantor Audio, Drew Hayes, Kirby Heyborne

How in the world does a boring vampire accountant get pulled into so many dangerous shenanigans?!


The silver immunity is still a mystery, but he has an elder dragon in his debt.  There are rumors abound regarding a vampire who has befriended the head of the therions (were-creatures) in their town, earned the respect of an elder dragon, is dating and agent, has a zombie apprentice that is the wielder of a weapon of destiny, and is friends with a powerful mage and alchemist.  It all sounds pretty bad ass, but in truth Fred bumbled or lucked his way into these relationships.


But truth be told, his little group of friends are the only ones who know the truth.  This leads to a clan of vampires moving into the territory with the hopes of either absorbing Fred into their clan, or destroying him and taking over.  Boy they have no idea what they've gotten themselves into!


Many more shenanigans later, an attack by a rogue vampire hunter, and a trip to a fully parahuman town (which is impossible to get to unless you have clearance, has been wiped from all maps and is a blind spot in GPS), Fred is in a world of trouble...again. A powerful vampire clan has moved into town ins search of the incredible vampire they've heard rumors of, and they have no idea its's Fred.  Of course they're interested in Fred because they believe his accounting business is a front for stealing the blood of parahumans.  Rituals and protocols bind Fred into accepted the gift of a new apprentice, who is totally a spy sent to learn the inner workings of Fred operation before seducing him. 


Lucky for Fred he has an enchanting, living house to help him with a safe meeting space, a place to his new assistant to live, and that way Charlotte, the house, can keep tabs on her.  When it becomes apparent that she's figured him out--thanks to shenanigans--Fred is stuck over what to do about the threat of the clan.  A conversation with Gideon, the dragon--which was a very bid deal for Fred--where he gets advice, information, and an offer for the dragon to "take care" f his problem, Fred does some major thinking.  Eventually outwits and out maneuvers the clan.  With unsolicited help from his friends/family, Fred FINALLY starts his own clan in order to protect himself from all other clans.  He files all the pertinent paperwork with the powers that be, and becomes a contractor for the "Agency" as an added layer of protection.  And all this is done before besting the lead representative of the other clan in a contest of wills which ended with Fred winning the spy the choice to remain with her clan, join his, or go freelance for a while.  Of course she chose to join Fred.


Now Fred's motley crew is truly his family.  But he's also made an enemy of the other clan...which I hope will be covered in the next installment...which I must go purchase immediately so that I can learn what happens next!!


This review is a mess, but it's late and I'm tired, but I wanted to get it down before sleeping and forgetting any key points as my short term memory is terrible.