Review: The Fangs of Freelance: Fred, the Vampire Accountant Series, Book 4

The Fangs of Freelance (Fred, the Vampire Accountant #4) - Kirby Heyborne, Drew Hayes

It's more of the same for Fred and friends, but not in a bad way.  The stories are always different and interesting.


Fred has become the leader of his own parahuman clan, he's expanding his accounting business, and he's been tested and certified as a freelance accountant for the Agency.  While there are many more ridiculous adventures, Fred grows as a vampire and as the leader of his own clan.  He makes decisions based on what is best for his clan members--his friends, rather than based on what he wants for them.  


Fred forced Albert, his loveable zombie assistant, to  see that he was destined for bigger and better things than being the assistant to an accountant, and pushed him to realize his destiny, whatever that may be.  Lillian, who left her clan to join Fred, was well on her way to becoming an accountant under Fred's mentoring, something she would have never been able to do within her former clan.  He helped, Amy, a powerful prodigy mage and alchemist, to get out from under the contracts the higher mages had tricked her into.  


And somewhere in between all that, he was used as bait by someone within the agency.  In the midst of it, Fred realized that the stoic, gruff agent Arch was more of a friend than he had realized, almost died at the hand of his absentee Sire (again), and had his honor defended (sort of) by the King of the West, Elder Dragon, Gideon.  The agency was been thoroughly rebuked by Gideon regarding Fred's safety (without making it look like he actually favored Fred, but rather it would have been a major inconvenience to have had his host's, Richard, accountant murdered because of their carelessness.)


Most importantly, Fred finally realized how much of his (un)life he'd been hiding from  in fear, and his near (re)death experience had shown him that he was stronger, braver and had more to live for than he'd ever realized.


I am loving the progression and growth of all of the characters.  They are all different beings than they were in the first book.  I am very much enjoying their development and am interested in seeing where the next set of shenanigans takes us dear readers.