Review: Deadly Assessments

Deadly Assessments: Fred, the Vampire Accountant - Drew Hayes, Kirby Heyborne

This installment was a bit disappointing to me. The entirety of the story was Fred being assessed by a member of the Blood Council, who are the leaders of the vampire community.  There was a question as to whether he was a capable clan leader, thus the need for assessment.  But really the council just wanted to know if Fred and his clan, with their powerful allies were a danger to them. The assessor was not completely awful, but not really likeable either.


I just didn't like the direction this book took.  Most importantly there was violence against animals, which I just can't stomach in my old age.  Personally this took away from my enjoyment of the book.  Thus the low star rating.  Judging by the conclusion of the book, there is likely another sequel in the works.  I hope the author gets back on track or I may have to break-up with this series.