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Review: No Strings Attached [DNF]

No Strings Attached - Harper Bliss, Angela Dawe

I tried.


I really tried.  


It started interesting, but immediately the best friend became the annoying overbearing I-know-what's-best-for-you friend trope.  And then the protagonist falls for a person who had been an absolute dick to them when they first met.


Then the love interest turns out to be pretty okay (first meeting was still a dick move though) and the protagonist turns into a clingy, whiney, we-slept-together-once-and-now-I-want-a-committed-relationship trope.


I tired to hate-listen, but every one of the characters just got on my nerves and I just couldn't even.


I hated that the best friend got to decide when it was time for the protagonist to come out as bi or a lesbian and to immediately get out there and start dating.  I always thought every person needed to do things at their own pace.


I hated that the protagonist let her best friend push her into something she wasn't necessarily ready for.  And then she fell in love with the first woman she slept with, even after the woman made it VERY CLEAR that she was not looking for anything more than a friends-with-benefits relationship for various reasons, one of which was that she was always travelling for work and wasn't around long enough to commit. 


I hated that her new boss's wife decided to set her up with one of their friends without even clearing it with her first.  She shows up for dinner and chats with the boss while they wait for her wife to arrive.  Low and behold the wife arrives with a "friend" they've been thinking about setting her up with.  After that I was just out.  


This was not enjoyable for me.

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