Review: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol (Audiocd) - Charles Dickens, Patrick Stewart

I love this story, but hated the book.


I have always loved the story of Scrooge.  I enjoy the movie/play versions of the story--watching the various versions is one of the handful of things I enjoy about this time of year.  Having finally read the book a few years ago, I was disappointed.  I did not like the written version of the story and I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it is because some stories are best when acted?  Who knows?


With Sir Patrick Stewart as a narrator, I couldn't say no to giving the the book version another try.  The story comes to life again in this version and I definitely enjoyed it.  It is abridged, but the book isn't very long to being with, so I don't know that it makes much difference in the grand scheme.  Maybe one day I will give the written version another read, but for now I'll stick to the movies and this narration.