Review: Buyer Beware, Omega Auction, Book 2

Buyer Beware (The Omega Auction) (Volume 2) - Kian Rhodes, Alexander Collins

This doesn't exactly pick up where the previous book left off, but they are connected and the stories converge do converge.  In this installment when meet Colby and not-so-average omega.  He's large, strong, and aggressive, which is why he found himself in chains at the Omega Auction with little to no hope of being purchased.  Insert Rafe, alpha of a not-so-average pack and Colby is the perfect omega for him.


Of course there is angst and miscommunications, misunderstandings.  But what I like about this story more than the other is that there is action/adventure involved.  Omegas are being kidnapped and Rafe and his pack have been tasked by the shifter council to locate the ring and take it down.  There is also a missing pregnant omega from an allied pack thrown into the mix.  We meet up with characters from the first book in the series and meet a lot of new ones.  


I'm liking where the series is going so far and plan to continue.