Review: The Fireman

The Fireman CD: A Novel - Joe Hill

This was so good. And scary. Going through an actual pandemic at the moment has me scared that things will get as bad as they are in this book. Government could break down, people could start a revolution. You just don't know what scared people will do. Fear drives you to craziness. That being said, the characters were great. Harper was sweet and it was nice seeing her transition from the meek of a jerk to a tough independent women fighting to save her unborn child as well as the friends she made along the way. John, the Fireman was a piece of work. He was a jerk, but the kind you like. The kind who is only a jerk to keep you safe. All of the fear of the spore made everyone nuts--those infected and those not. It was well told, long but not overly so.


My only gripe is a reoccurring theme with Hill and his father Mr. King. Why must they always put some sort of animal death/abuse/torture in their novels. It's never necessary and it never to help the plot along. It's there for shock value and it's not an attractive trope. I hate it. I'm not sure how many more of their books I can read if this really is a common thread between them.


Note to self: I'll rewrite this later when there is more time to be eloquent. I just wanted  to write my initial feelings before I jump into my next read for Dewey's.


Note to self v2.0: I think this is as eloquent as I'm gonna get.